Original handcrafted work that blurs the line between function and the natural art of the forest

All Doug's Found Wood products are unique, handmade, works of art from an extremely skilled artisan who is passionate about wood and woodworking.

Each piece that comes out of Doug's workshop is 100% unique. From the smallest plant stand to the largest building, every piece of wood that finds its way into his work is recovered from his seventy-acre wood lot in Athens, Maine. He studies each piece to discover the untapped form or function hidden inside it, then works to set that potential free.

Whether it's an Adirondack chair, a door latch, a lamp, a deck, or a boathouse, every element of every product is hand made by Doug. He hand-splits shingles for sheds and playhouses. He whittles down birch branches to make latch springs. He carves tree-spirit faces for coatracks.

Beyond wood, Doug also makes all of the stained-glass panels for his doors, and hand-paints and stains many of his pieces.